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    Automated System for generating thesaurus from Subject representations
    ( 1969-09-26) Devadason,F ; Balasubramaniam,V
    General experiments were conducted at the documentation research with training center for generating thesaurus from schedules of Classification and subject representations structure.
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    Serials control using netwark model based database management system
    (Annals of library Science Documentation, 1986) v.BALASUBRAMANIAN
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    (Annals of Library Science and Documentation, 1998-06) Dr. C. Sasikala ; Mr. K. Rama Patnaik ; Dr. K. Somasekhara Rao
    The paper discusses the salient features of an automated circulation system, designed and developed to suit the requirements of a medium sized academic library using the software CLIPPER, a DBMS computer. All the procedures designed to perform various functions are menu-driven and have the provision of on line help.
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    Coupling of Cumputer Processed Indexes to a Photo Composing unit to Improve the Readability
    (Hillside Road, New Delhi, 1980-03-15) Murty, D
    Presently available computer assisted indexers and directories in India are reproduce on large scale offset printing the line printer output which is limited to all uper case with a few important special symbols.
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    Journal Article
    (Annals of Library Science and Documentation, 1999-03-01) V K J Jeevan
    The Central Library at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is exploring computer and allied technologal advances for better organisation of information sources and fruitful delivery of information services for almost a decade. The library OPAC of 3 lakh specialised sources is available on campus LAN, ERNET and web/Internet. An electronic library for accessing electronic databases is also set up to offer information on those sources which are not present in the library. mention is also made about the computer systems available, computerised operations, electronic databases subscribed, and research project undertaken so far in the library.