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    A Historical Perspective on Problems in Botany Teaching
    (University of California Press, 1996-09-06) Hershey R.David
    OZNIAK (1994) and Uno (1994) have recently called attention to some of the many problems facing botany teaching, but their analyses lacked a historical perspective. This article discusses how the many problems in botany teaching are interrelated, and most have existed since at least the early 1900s. In this article, botany is defined as the whole field of plant biology encompassing any discipline with a major focus on the plant kingdom, including horticul- ture, agronomy, forestry, plant pathology, weed sci- ence, plant physiology, plant morphology, plant ge- netics, plant ecology, plant taxonomy, etc. Botany teaching at both the precollege and introductory col- lege levels will be considered.