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    Covid-19 and the Kingdom of God (Mar 30 2021)
    ( 2021-05-03) Stevens, R. Paul, 1937-
    I write this in the middle of a pandemic, the most serious health hazard that has happened in the eight decades of my lifetime. Nobody knows whether we are in the late beginning, the middle, or a lull before the virus has a chance to infect many more of the earth’s billions. Epidemiologists say it may take three or more years to eradicate it from the planet even with a vaccine. Meanwhile for seasons at least churches meet on line or in small groups like “kingdom companions” (Rev. 1:9), hidden like yeast folded into the dough and salt seasoning the meat of society. Jesus himself said, “The coming of the kingdom is not something that can be observed” (Luke 17:20)—a fascinating text in the light of empty and largely unused church buildings. Alongside the almost universal “underground” church today there is work. And the effect on work, workers and the workplace is enormous. It may lead to a paradigm shift. Possibly it has already.
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    新冠肺炎 (Covid-19)與天國中的工作(Mar 30 2021)
    ( 2021-05-03) Stevens, R. Paul, 1937-
    我寫這篇文章之際,正值 疫症大流行,是我人生八十多年來最嚴峻的災難。新冠肺炎 (Covid-19) 威脅著全球數以億計的生命健康,然而,沒有人知道我們現身處疫症的初期、中期還是尾聲。流行病專家相信, 即使 成功研發 疫苗,人們需要多於 三年時間 才能將這病毒消滅。同時,多個月以來,眾教會有如「天國中的弟兄」( 啟 一 9 )一般,以網上或小組形式相聚,有如麵團 中的酵母和醃肉中的鹽巴,隱藏在社會之中。 耶穌說:「上帝 的國來到不是眼所能見的。」(路十七 20 ),無疑對於空無一人的教會,這番話饒有趣味。 與此同時 ,除了現時最為普遍的「地下教 會」,我們還有工作。疫症對於職業、職人和職 場的影響 甚是 巨大。這 將會 導致範式 的 轉變,而且已經開始。
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