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    The Journals of Economics
    (The University of Chicago Press, 1995-04-02) Stigler,George j.
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    The Economics of Electronic Journals
    (pub med, 1997-04) Andrew,oldyzko
    It is widely accepted that scholarly journals will have to be available in digital formats; what is not settled is whether they can be much less expensive than print journals. This paper is divided into five sections, including an introduction. Section 1 highlights publishers' views on costs of electronic journals and the replacement of free electronic journals by electronic subscription journals. Section 2 summarizes the economics of the current price journal system and section 3 looks at the electronic-only journals that have sprung up over the last few years and are available for free on the Internet. In section 4 the strange economic incentives that exist in scholarly publishing are discussed. Section 5 presents some tentative conclusions and projections. The basic assumption made in this article is that the costs of scholarly publishing should be minimized to the largest extent consistent with delivering the services that scholars and the society they serve require. (Contains 25 reference