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    Barriers of bibliographic database creation in India university libraries
    (Emerald Group publishing limiteed, 2003-11-04) Chandrakara, Rajesh
    On the one hand the world has reached the last stages of library automation, while, on the other, the internet has revolutionized it with different concept such as electronic digital, virtual and library without walls.
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    Library Services
    (Sage Publication, 2020-08-12) xyz
    : Modifying oil behavior with the help of additives is a superficial and deep soil improvement method. The considerable geological distribution of different types of pozzolanic materials, especially of zeolite in Iran, on the one hand, and the unique characteristics of these materials on the other, have caused this type of additive to be of interest to geotechnical engineers. In this study, in order to investigate the effect of zeolite on sandy clay soil and clayey sand soil, a set of tests including Atterberg limits, modified compaction, uniaxial compressive strength, and direct shear tests have been conducted.