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Caution: Continuing to read means you agree not to take offence at any of the views expressed on this website. Nationalism is a creed based upon love for one’s own people and a desire for all peoples to benefit from the advantages that it brings. The word ‘Nationalist’ is derived from the Latin ‘Natal’ which means ‘Birth’, thus a Nation is a people connected by birth, an extended family united through their ancestry. A ‘Civic Nationalist’ is a ‘Patriot’ who supports the concept of being united through citizenship, which in Europe is no longer connected to ethnicity. A ‘Patriot’ is anyone who loves the country that they are a citizen of. This Radio Network is created by and is intended for, Nationalists who are European through their ethnicity. Any archaic terms found on the website are used in the interests of accuracy and are not intended to be pejoratives.



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