Genetic variants of MICB and PLCE1 and associations with the laboratory features of dengue

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BACKGROUND: A previous genome-wide association study identified 2 susceptibility loci for severe dengue at MICB rs3132468 and PLCE1 rs3740360 and further work showed these mutations to be also associated with less severe clinical presentations. The aim of this study was to determine if these specific loci were associated with laboratory features of dengue that correlate with clinical severity with the aim of elucidating the functional basis of these genetic variants. METHODS: This was a case-only analysis of laboratory-confirmed dengue patients obtained from 2 prospective cohort studies and 1 randomised clinical trial in Vietnam (Trial registration: ISRCTN ISRCTN03147572. Registered 24th July 2012). 2742 dengue cases were successfully genotyped at MICB rs3132468 and PLCE1 rs3740360. Laboratory variables were compared between genotypes and stratified by DENV serotype. RESULTS: The analysis showed no association between MICB and PLCE1 genotype and early viraemia level, platelet nadir, white cell count nadir, or maximum haematocrit in both overall analysis and in analysis stratified by serotype. DISCUSSION: The lack of an association between genotype and viremia level may reflect the sampling procedures within the included studies. The study findings mean that the functional basis of these mutations remains unclear. TRIAL REGISTRATION: ISRCTN ISRCTN03147572 . Registered 24th July 2012.