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    Timing of CD8(+) T Cell Responses in Relation to Commencement of Capillary Leakage in Children with Dengue
    (2010-06-15) Simmons, Cameron
    Immune activation is a feature of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and CD8+ T cell responses in particular have been suggested as having a role in the vasculopathy that characterizes this disease. By phenotyping CD8+ T cells (CD38+/HLA-DR+, CD38+/Ki-67+, or HLA-DR+/Ki-67+) in serial blood samples from children with dengue, we found no evidence of increased CD8+ T cell activation prior to the commencement of resolution of viremia or hemoconcentration. Investigations with MHC class I tetramers to detect NS3(133-142)-specific CD8+ T cells in two independent cohorts of children suggested the commencement of hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia in DHF patients generally begins before the appearance of measurable frequencies of NS3(133-142)-specific CD8+ T cells. The temporal mismatch between the appearance of measurable surface activated or NS3(133-142)-specific CD8+ T cells suggests that these cells are sequestered at sites of infection, have phenotypes not detected by our approach, or that other mechanisms independent of CD8+ T cells are responsible for early triggering of capillary leakage in children with DHF.
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    The International Postal Network and Other Global Flows as Proxies for National Wellbeing
    (Public Library of Science, 01/06/16) Hristova, Desislava; Rutherford, Alex; Anson, Jose; Luengo-Oroz, Miguel; Mascolo, Cecilia; Environmental Ecology & Applied Microbiology (ENdEMIC)
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    An evaluation of computerized adaptive testing for general psychological distress: combining GHQ-12 and Affectometer-2 in an item bank for public mental health research
    (BioMed Central, 20/05/16) Böhnke, Jan R; Stochl, Jan; Pickett, Kate E; Croudace, Tim J; Behavioural Ecology and Ecophysiology (BECO)
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    The ionized gas in nearby galaxies as traced by the [N II] 122 and 205 μm transitions
    (Institute of Physics, 2016) Herrera-Camus, R; Bolatto, A; Smith, JD; Draine, B; Pellegrini, E; Wolfire, M; Croxall, K; de, Looze I; Calzetti, D; Kennicutt, Robert; Crocker, A; Armus, L; van, der Werf P; Sandstrom, K; Galametz, M; Brandl, B; Groves, B; Rigopoulou, D; Walter, F; Leroy, A; Boquien, M; Tabatabaei, FS; Beirao, P; Ecosystem Management (ECOBE)
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    The Vanishing Atrial Mass
    (Oxford University Press, 07/07/16) Tarkin, Jason; Rudd, James; Belham, Mark R; Bennett, Martin; Gopalan, Deepa; Functional Morphology (FUNMORPH); Evolutionary Ecology Group (EVECO)