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    A Bibliometric Study on open Access Library and Information Science
    (Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2020-12-20)
    Open Access is a form of practice through which academic publications are shared publicly online. Open Access enables Books, Journals, Research articles, Thesis and all other educational resources that shared online with peer reviewed or set of quality metrics. Open Access Journals provide an unlimited access of scholarly published articles to the user. It also facilitates the users to enrich their knowledge on various disciplines with no cost. Open Access Journals promotes unbiased information dissemination and maintains high transparency in publishing contents with international standards. The aim of the present study is to analyze the open access Library and Information Science Journals published in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) website as on 17th December 2020. Currently, DOAJ database published 15633 journals and 5474195 articles in all the subjects. This study reveals that out of 15633, 176 indexed journals and out of 5474195, 53959 articles are published under Library and Information Science subject. The study also presents the statistical data of Library and Information Sciences Journals based on the elements like License Type, Journals published in different Languages, Country wise contribution and Review systems.
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    Unraveling the Complex Delithiation Mechanisms of Olivine-Type Cathode Materials, LiFexCo1-xPO4
    (American Chemical Society, 25/04/16) Plasma, Laser Ablation and Surface Modelling - Antwerp (PLASMANT)
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    A Randomised Trial Evaluating the Safety and Immunogenicity of the Novel Single Oral Dose Typhoid Vaccine M01ZH09 in Healthy Vietnamese Children
    ( 2010-07-26)
    BACKGROUND: The emergence of drug resistant typhoid fever is a major public health problem, especially in Asia. An oral single dose typhoid vaccine would have major advantages. M01ZH09 is a live oral single dose candidate typhoid vaccine containing Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (Ty2 aroC(-)ssaV(-)) ZH9 with two independently attenuating deletions. Studies in healthy adults demonstrated immunogenicity and an acceptable safety profile. OBJECTIVES: We conducted a randomised placebo controlled, single-blind trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of M01ZH09 in healthy Vietnamese children aged 5 to 14 years. METHODS: Subjects were randomly assigned to receive either a nominal dose of 5x10(9) CFU of M01ZH09 or placebo and were followed up for 28 days. The primary safety outcome was the proportion of subjects with any adverse event attributed to M01ZH09. The primary immunogenicity endpoint was the proportion of subjects who showed a positive immune response to M01ZH09 in the Salmonella Typhi lipopolysaccharide (LPS) specific serum IgA and IgG ELISA. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: One hundred and fifty-one children were enrolled, 101 subjects received M01ZH09 and 50 subjects received placebo. An intention to treat analysis was conducted. There were no serious adverse events and no bacteraemias. In the M01ZH09 group, 26 (26%; 95% CI, 18-5%) of 101 subjects experienced adverse events compared to 11 (22%; 95% CI, 12-36%) of 50 subjects in the placebo group (odds ratio (OR) [95%CI] = 1.23 [0.550-2.747]; p = 0.691). Faecal shedding of S. Typhi (Ty2 aroC(-)ssaV(-)) ZH9 was detected in 51 (51%; 95% CI, 41-61%) of 100 M01ZH09 subjects. No shedding was detected beyond day 3. A positive immune response, defined as 70% increase (1.7 fold change) in LPS specific serum IgG (day 14 or 28) and/or 50% increase (1.5 fold change) in LPS specific serum IgA (day 7 or 14) from baseline was detected in 98 (97%; 95% CI, 92-99%) of 101 M01ZH09 recipients and 8 (16%; 95% CI, 7-29%) of 50 placebo recipients. Twenty-eight (100%; 95% CI, 88-100%) of 28 vaccine recipients who were evaluated in the LPS specific IgA ELISPOT assay showed a positive response compared to none of the 14 placebo recipients tested. CONCLUSIONS: This was the first phase II trial of a novel oral candidate typhoid vaccine in children in an endemic country. M01ZH09 had an appropriate safety profile and was immunogenic in children. TRIAL REGISTRATION: Controlled-trials.com ISRCTN91111837.
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    In vitro and in vivo stability of recombinant plasmids in a vaccine strain of Salmonella enterica var. Typhimurium
    ( 2003-07-15)
    This study examined the ability of different plasmid vectors encoding H(C) fragment, the non-toxic binding portion of tetanus toxin, to be stably retained by Salmonella enterica var. Typhimurium (Salmonella typhimurium) vaccine strain BRD509 and, upon immunisation, to induce an antibody response against the carried antigen. The H(C) fragment expression cassette containing the transcription/translation signals, H(C) fragment open reading frame and the downstream TrpA terminator, was excised from pTETtac4 and incorporated into the plasmids pIC20H, pBR322, pACYC184 and pRSF1010. The resulting constructs were transferred into attenuated S. typhimurium, BRD509, and the level of H(C) fragment expression was examined by Western blot analysis. The relative stability of each plasmid in S. typhimurium was determined in vitro in the absence of antibiotic selection, and in vivo following immunisation. The ability of each H(C) fragment-expressing strain to induce lipopolysaccharide- and tetanus toxoid-specific antibody responses was assayed by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. These studies showed that all the vaccine vector constructs, except the S. typhimurium carrying the expression vector based on pIC20H, were able to elicit a high titre immune response. The level of tetanus toxoid-specific antibody induced by S. typhimurium directly correlated with the level of in vitro and in vivo stability of the H(C) fragment expression plasmid carried by the bacterium, and not with an increased copy number of the parent plasmid vector.