Performance of friction materials based on variation in nature of organic fibres: Part II. Optimisation by balancing and ranking using multiple criteria decision model (MCDM)

Satapathy, B K
Bijwe, J
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Multiple criteria decision model (MCDM) is used for optimisation of several conflicting criteria dependent systems. A multiple criteria decision model (MCDM) approach taking into account the performance defining attributes (PDAs) such as μ-fade, μ-recovery, performance-μ, wear and temperature rise in the rotor disc, was adopted to determine the performance ranking of five non-asbestos fibre reinforced organic friction materials. It is a three-stepped procedure to derive an overall complete final order of the options. The out-ranking matrix is derived, indicating the frequency of the relative superiority of options with respect to each other based on each criterion. The out-ranking matrix is triangularised to obtain an implicit ordering or provisional order of options, based on sequential application of a balancing principle supported by the pair wise comparison of the options with the help of advantages–disadvantages table. The method has been used to rank a series of friction materials (FMs) based on the combinatorial variation of the fibres, in particular, the organic fibres. The carbon fibre based composite (C) was found to be functioning optimally for its practical selection and implementation in similar evaluating conditions. Cellulose fibre based composite (S) was found to be the poorest in this regard.
Friction material, Optimisation, Performance ranking, MCDM