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    (2022) Hulaas, Jarle
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    Optical Flow for Robot Navigation
    (IJCSIS, 2017-11) Nixon Adu-Boahen
    — In this paper optical flow algorithm was implemented in robot to establish optical flow’s efficiency in robot navigations. It was found that, the computation methods designed earlier (at the inception period) have also been improved tremendously by several researchers over decades now, but they are rarely implemented practically. In this work, robot navigations were experimented using web-cam with frame dimension of 320 X 240 as robot’s eye with fundamental optical flow (precisely Lukas-Kanade which is one of the fundamental optical flow computation methods) results as navigation parameters. The subject was able to perform navigation using the optical flow results as parameters for navigation. Demonstrations perform disclosed that robots can easily navigate based on less expensive vision sensors such as webcam or CCD cameras with optical flow algorithms instead of sonars or radars