Multiplicity free Jacquet modules

Aizenbud, Avraham
Gourevitch, Dmitry
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Let F be a non-Archimedean local field or a finite field. Let n be a natural number and k be 1 or 2. Consider G:=GL(n+k,F) and let M:=GL(n,F) x GL(k,F)<G be a maximal Levi subgroup. Let U< G be the corresponding unipotent subgroup and let P=MU be the corresponding parabolic subgroup. Let J denote the Jacquet functor from representations of G to representations of M (i.e. the functor of coinvariants w.r.t. U). In this paper we prove that J is a multiplicity free functor, i.e. dim Hom(J(\pi),\rho)<= 1, for any irreducible representations \pi of G and \rho of M. To do that we adapt the classical method of Gelfand and Kazhdan that proves "multiplicity free" property of certain representations to prove "multiplicity free" property of certain functors. At the end we discuss whether other Jacquet functors are multiplicity free.
Comment: 12 pages; Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, Published electronically on June 29, 2011
Mathematics - Representation Theory, 20G05, 20C30, 20C33, 46F10, 47A67