Scaling of human behavior during portal browsing

Chmiel, Anna M.
Kowalska, Kamila
Holyst, Janusz A.
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We investigate transitions of portals users between different subpages. A weighted network of portals subpages is reconstructed where edge weights are numbers of corresponding transitions. Distributions of link weights and node strengths follow power laws over several decades. Node strength increases faster than linearly with node degree. The distribution of time spent by the user at one subpage decays as power law with exponent around 1.3. Distribution of numbers P(z) of unique subpages during one visit is exponential. We find a square root dependence between the average z and the total number of transitions n during a single visit. Individual path of portal user resembles of self-attracting walk on the weighted network. Analytical model is developed to recover in part the collected data.
Comment: 6 pages, 7 figures
Physics - Physics and Society, Physics - Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability