LHC Signatures of New Gauge Bosons in the Minimal Higgsless Model

He, Hong-Jian
Kuang, Yu-Ping
Qi, Yong-Hui
Zhang, Bin
Belyaev, Alexander
Chivukula, R. Sekhar
Christensen, Neil D.
Pukhov, Alexander
Simmons, Elizabeth H.
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We study the LHC signatures of new gauge bosons in the gauge-invariant minimal Higgsless model. It predicts an extra pair of W_1 and Z_1 bosons which can be as light as ~400GeV and play a key role in the delay of unitarity violation. We analyze the W_1 signals in pp --> W_0Z_0Z_0 --> jj4\ell and pp --> jj W_0Z_0 --> jj3\ell\nu processes at the LHC, including the complete electroweak and QCD backgrounds. We reveal the complementarity between these two channels for discovering the W_1 boson, and demonstrate the LHC discovery potential over the full range of allowed W_1 mass.
Comment: 5pp, Rapid Communication of PRD (in Press). Minor clarifications to stress the importance and broad interest of this work. (All results un-changed.)
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Experiment