Suppressed spin dephasing for 2D and bulk electrons in GaAs wires due to engineered cancellation of spin-orbit interaction terms

Denega, S. Z.
Last, T.
Liu, J.
Slachter, A.
Rizo, P. J.
van Loosdrecht, P. H. M.
van Wees, B. J.
Reuter, D.
Wieck, A. D.
van der Wal, C. H.
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We report a study of suppressed spin dephasing for quasi-one-dimensional electron ensembles in wires etched into a GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction system. Time-resolved Kerr-rotation measurements show a suppression that is most pronounced for wires along the [110] crystal direction. This is the fingerprint of a suppression that is enhanced due to a strong anisotropy in spin-orbit fields that can occur when the Rashba and Dresselhaus contributions are engineered to cancel each other. A surprising observation is that this mechanisms for suppressing spin dephasing is not only effective for electrons in the heterojunction quantum well, but also for electrons in a deeper bulk layer.
Comment: 5 pages, 3 figures
Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics