Factorization for generic jet production

Bauer, Christian W.
Hornig, Andrew
Tackmann, Frank J.
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Factorization is the central ingredient in any theoretical prediction for collider experiments. We introduce a factorization formalism that can be applied to any desired observable, like event shapes or jet observables, for any number of jets and a wide range of jet algorithms in leptonic or hadronic collisions. This is achieved by using soft-collinear effective theory to prove the formal factorization of a generic fully-differential cross section in terms of a hard coefficient, and generic jet and soft functions. In this formalism, whether a given observable factorizes in the usual sense, depends on whether it is inclusive enough, so the jet functions can be calculated perturbatively. The factorization formula for any such observable immediately follows from our general result, including the precise definition of the jet and soft functions appropriate for the observable in question. As examples of our formalism, we work out several results in two-jet production for both e+e- and pp collisions. For the latter, we also comment on how our formalism allows one to treat underlying events and beam remnants.
Comment: 33 pages, v2: minor typos corrected, journal version
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology