Modeling and Verification for Timing Satisfaction of Fault-Tolerant Systems with Finiteness

Cheng, Chih-Hong
Buckl, Christian
Esparza, Javier
Knoll, Alois
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The increasing use of model-based tools enables further use of formal verification techniques in the context of distributed real-time systems. To avoid state explosion, it is necessary to construct verification models that focus on the aspects under consideration. In this paper, we discuss how we construct a verification model for timing analysis in distributed real-time systems. We (1) give observations concerning restrictions of timed automata to model these systems, (2) formulate mathematical representations on how to perform model-to-model transformation to derive verification models from system models, and (3) propose some theoretical criteria how to reduce the model size. The latter is in particular important, as for the verification of complex systems, an efficient model reflecting the properties of the system under consideration is equally important to the verification algorithm itself. Finally, we present an extension of the model-based development tool FTOS, designed to develop fault-tolerant systems, to demonstrate %the benefits of our approach.
Comment: 1. Appear in the 13-th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT'09). 2. Compared to the DS-RT version, we add motivations for editing automata, and footnote that the sketch of editing algo is only applicable in our job-processing element to avoid ambiguity (because actions are chained)
Computer Science - Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing, Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science