The Pt isotopes: comparing the Interacting Boson Model with Configuration Mixing and the Extended Consistent-Q formalism

Garcia-Ramos, J. E.
Heyde, K.
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The role of intruder configurations in the description of energy spectra and B(E2) values in the Pt region is analyzed. In particular, we study the differences between Interacting Boson Model calculations with or without the inclusion of intruder states in the even Pt nuclei $^{172-194}$Pt. As a result, it shows that for the description of a subset of the existing experimental data, i.e., energy spectra and absolute B(E2) values up to an excitation energy of about 1.5 MeV, both approaches seem to be equally valid. We explain these similarities between both model spaces through an appropriate mapping. We point out the need for a more extensive comparison, encompassing a data set as broad (and complete) as possible to confront with both theoretical approaches in order to test the detailed structure of the nuclear wave functions.
Comment: To be published in NPA
Nuclear Theory