An alternate design for CLIC main linac wakefield suppression

Khan, V. F.
Jones, R. M.
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The present design of the main accelerating structure for CLIC is based on heavy damping (WDS) with a Q of ~10. The wakefield suppression in this case entails locating the damping materials in relatively close proximity to the accelerating cells. Herein we present an alternate design for the main accelerating structures. We detune the lowest dipole band by prescribing a Gaussian distribution to the cell parameters and consider moderate damping Q~500 to prevent the recoherence of the modes; in this case the damping materials can be located at an extended distance from the accelerating structure. The procedure to achieve a well-damped wakefield is described. Results are presented elucidating the various designs including the current one which is being developed to incorporate r.f. breakdown, pulse surface heating and beam dynamics constraints.
Comment: Proceedings of X-Band Structures and Beam Dynamics Workshop (XB08), 44th ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop, Cockcroft Institute, UK, 1-4 Dec. 2008
Physics - Accelerator Physics