Present status of the KADoNiS database

Dillmann, I.
Plag, R.
Heil, M.
Käppeler, F.
Rauscher, T.
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The "Karlsruhe Astrophysical Database of Nucleosynthesis in Stars" (KADoNiS) project is an online database for experimental cross sections relevant to the $s$ process and $p$ process. It is available under \ and consists of two parts. Part 1 is an updated sequel to the well-known Bao et al. compilations from 1987 and 2000, which is online since April 2005. An extension of this $s$-process database to $(n,p)$ and $(n,\alpha)$ cross sections at $kT$= 30 keV, as in the first version of the Bao compilation, is planned. The second part of KADoNiS is a $p$-process library, which includes all available experimental data from $(p,\gamma)$, $(p,n)$, $(\alpha,\gamma)$, $(\alpha,n)$, $(\alpha,\alpha)$, $(n,\alpha)$ and $(\gamma,n)$ reactions in or close to the respective Gamow window. Despite the great number of reactions required for a $p$-process reaction network, experimental data is still scarce and up to now restricted to stable targets. Given here is a short overview about the present status of the KADoNiS database.
Comment: Proceedings "Nuclei in the Cosmos" NIC-IX, June 25-30 2006, CERN, Geneva/ Switzerland, published in "Proceedings of Science", PoS(NIC-IX)090
Astrophysics, Nuclear Experiment