Synchronization in Multiple Time Delay Chaotic Laser Diodes Subject to Incoherent Optical Feedbacks and Incoherent Optical Injection

Shahverdiev, E. M.
Shore, K. A.
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We present the first report of the synchronization regimes in both unidirectionally and bidirectionally-coupled multiple time delay chaotic laser diodes subject to incoherent optical feedbacks and incoherent optical injection. We derive the existence conditions and numerically study the stability for lag, complete, and anticipating synchronization regimes and cascaded synchronization. We also study in detail the effect of parameter mismatches and noise on the synchronization quality. It is emphasized that sensitivity of the synchronization quality to parameter mismatches can lead to a high level of security due to the difficulty to replicate the receiver laser. We show that the injection current and feedback delay times are highly important parameters from this point of view.
Comment: 14 pages text plus 18 figures
Nonlinear Sciences - Chaotic Dynamics