Solving three-body scattering problem in the momentum lattice representation

Pomerantsev, V. N.
Kukulin, V. I.
Rubtsova, O. A.
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A brief description of the novel approach towards solving few-body scattering problems in a finite-dimensional functional space of the $L_2$-type is presented. The method is based on the complete few-body continuum discretization in the basis of stationary wave packets. This basis, being transformed to the momentum representation, leads to the cell-lattice-like discretization of the momentum space. So the initial scattering problem can be formulated on the multi-dimensional momentum lattice which makes it possible to reduce the solution of any scattering problem above the breakup threshold (where the integral kernels include, in general, some complicated moving singularities) to convenient simple matrix equations which can be solved on the real energy axis. The phase shifts and inelasticity parameters for the three-body $nd$ elastic scattering with MT I-III $NN$ potential both below and above the three-body breakup threshold calculated with the proposed wave-packet technique are in a very good agreement with the previous accurate benchmark calculation results.
Comment: 5 pages, 5 figures
Nuclear Theory