58 Radio Sources Near Bright Natural Guide Stars

Stalder, B.
Chambers, K. C.
Vacca, William D.
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We present a preliminary survey of 58 radio sources within the isoplanatic patches (r < 25") of bright (11<R<12) stars suitable for use as natural guide stars with high-order adaptive optics (AO). An optical and near-infrared imaging survey was conducted utilizing tip-tilt corrections in the optical and AO in the near-infrared. Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) were fit to the multi-band data for the purpose of obtaining photometric redshifts using the Hyperz code. Several of these photometric redshifts were confirmed with spectroscopy, a result that gives more confidence to the redshift distribution for the whole sample. Additional long-wavelength data from Spitzer, SCUBA, SHARC2, and VLA supplement the optical and near-infrared data. We find the sample generally follows and extends the magnitude-redshift relation found for more powerful local radio galaxies. The survey has identified several reasonably bright (H=19-20) objects at significant redshifts (z>1) that are now within the capabilities of the current generation of AO-fed integral-field spectrographs. These objects constitute a unique sample that can be used for detailed ground-based AO studies of galactic structure, evolution, and AGN formation at high redshift.
Comment: 41 pages, 29 figures, accepted to ApJS
Astrophysics - Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics