Search for Heavy Top-like Quarks tprime->Wq Using Lepton Plus Jets Events in 1.96 TeV p-pbar Collisions

Lister, Alison
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We present the results of a search for a new heavy top-like quark, tprime, decaying to a W boson and another quark using the CDF II Detector in Run II of the Tevatron ppbar collider. New top-like quarks are predicted in a number of models of new physics. Using a data sample corresponding to 2.8 fb-1 of integrated luminosity we fit the observed spectrum of total transverse energy and reconstructed quark mass to a combination of background plus signal. We see no evidence for tprime production, so use this result to set limits on the tprime tprimebar production cross section times the branching ratio of tprime to Wq and infer a lower limit of 311 GeV/c2 on the mass of the tprime at 95% CL.
Comment: Poster at ICHEP08, Philadelphia, USA, July 2008
High Energy Physics - Experiment