Semileptonic $B(B_s, B_c)$ decays in the light-cone QCD sum rules

Huang, Tao
Li, Zuo-Hong
Wu, Xing-Gang
Zuo, Fen
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Semileptonic $B$($B_s, B_c$) decays are investigated systematically in the light-cone QCD sum rules. Special emphasis is put on the LCSR calculation on weak form factors with an adequate chiral current correlator, which turns out to be particularly effective to control the pollution by higher twist components of spectator mesons. The result for each channel depends on the distribution amplitude of the the producing meson. The leading twist distribution amplitudes of the related heavy mesons and charmonium are worked out by a model approach in the reasonable way. A practical scenario is suggested to understand the behavior of weak form factors in the whole kinematically accessible ranges. The decay widths and branching ratios are estimated for several $B$($B_c$) decay modes of current interest.
Comment: 8 pages, talk given by the first arthur at 4th International Conference on Flavor Physics (ICFP 2007), Beijing, China, Sept 24-28, 2007
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology