On the separability criterion for continuous variable systems

Fujikawa, Kazuo
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We present an elementary and explicit proof of the separability criterion for continuous variable two-party Gaussian systems. Our proof is based on an elementary formulation of uncertainty relations and an explicit determination of squeezing parameters for which the P-representation condition saturates the $Sp(2,R)\otimes Sp(2,R)$ invariant separability condition. We thus give the explicit formulas of squeezing parameters, which establish the equivalence of the separability condition with the P-representation condition, in terms of the parameters of the standard form of the correlation matrix. Our proof is compared to the past proofs, and it is pointed out that the original proof of the P-representation by Duan, Giedke, Cirac and Zoller(DGCZ) is incomplete. A way to complete their proof is then shown. It is noted that both of the corrected proof of DGCZ and the proof of R. Simon are closely related to our explicit construction despite their quite different appearances.
Comment: Some of the issues related to the previous proofs of the separability criterion, which were only briefly touched upon in the original version, are now explained in more detail. 24 pages
Quantum Physics