Predictive Blacklisting as an Implicit Recommendation System

Soldo, Fabio
Le, Anh
Markopoulou, Athina
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A widely used defense practice against malicious traffic on the Internet is through blacklists: lists of prolific attack sources are compiled and shared. The goal of blacklists is to predict and block future attack sources. Existing blacklisting techniques have focused on the most prolific attack sources and, more recently, on collaborative blacklisting. In this paper, we formulate the problem of forecasting attack sources (also referred to as predictive blacklisting) based on shared attack logs as an implicit recommendation system. We compare the performance of existing approaches against the upper bound for prediction, and we demonstrate that there is much room for improvement. Inspired by the recent Netflix competition, we propose a multi-level prediction model that is adjusted and tuned specifically for the attack forecasting problem. Our model captures and combines various factors, namely: attacker-victim history (using time-series) and attackers and/or victims interactions (using neighborhood models). We evaluate our combined method on one month of logs from and demonstrate that it improves significantly the state-of-the-art.
Comment: Comments: 11 pages; Submitted to INFOCOM 2010
Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture