Assault on the NLO Wishlist: pp -> tt bb

Bevilacqua, G.
Czakon, M.
Papadopoulos, C. G.
Pittau, R.
Worek, M.
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We present the results of a next-to-leading order calculation of QCD corrections to the production of an on-shell top-anti-top quark pair in association with two flavored b-jets. Besides studying the total cross section and its scale dependence, we give several differential distributions. Where comparable, our results agree with a previous analysis. While the process under scrutiny is of major relevance for Higgs boson searches at the LHC, we use it to demonstrate the ability of our system built around Helac-Phegas to tackle complete calculations at the frontier of current studies for the LHC. On the technical side, we show how the virtual corrections are efficiently computed with Helac-1Loop, based on the OPP method and the reduction code CutTools, using reweighting and Monte Carlo over color configurations and polarizations. As far as the real corrections are concerned, we use the recently published Helac-Dipoles package. In connection with improvements of the latter, we give the last missing integrated dipole formulae necessary for a complete implementation of phase space restriction dependence in the massive dipole subtraction formalism.
Comment: 19 pages, 11 figures, 2 tables. References added, version to appear in JHEP
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology