Dynamical coupled-channels analysis of 1H(e,e'pi)N reactions

Julia-Diaz, B.
Kamano, H.
Lee, T. -S. H.
Matsuyama, A.
Sato, T.
Suzuki, N.
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We have performed a dynamical coupled-channels analysis of available p(e,e'pi)N data in the region of W < 1.6 GeV and Q^2 < 1.45 (GeV/c)^2. The channels included are gamma^* N, pi N, eta N, and pi pi N which has pi Delta, rho N, and sigma N components. With the hadronic parameters of the model determined in our previous investigations of pi N --> pi N, pi pi N reactions, we have found that the available data in the considered W < 1.6 GeV region can be fitted well by only adjusting the bare gamma^* N --> N^* helicity amplitudes for the lowest N^* states in P33, P11, S11 and D13 partial waves. The sensitivity of the resulting parameters to the amount of data included in the analysis is investigated. The importance of coupled-channels effect on the p(e,e' pi)N cross sections is demonstrated. The meson cloud effects, as required by the unitarity conditions, on the gamma^* N --> N^* form factors are also examined. Necessary future developments, both experimentally and theoretically, are discussed.
Comment: 14 pages, 11 figures. Version to appear in PRC
Nuclear Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology