Toolpaths Programming in an Intelligent Step-NC Manufacturing Context

Laguionie, Raphael
Rauch, Matthieu
Hascoët, Jean-Yves
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The current language for CNC programming is G-code which dates from the beginning of the eighties with the norm ISO 6983. With the new technologies, G-code becomes obsolete. It presents drawbacks that create a rupture in the numerical chain at the manufacturing step. A new standard, STEP-NC, aims to overtake these lacks. A STEP-NC file includes all the information for manufacturing, as geometry description of the entities, workplan, machining strategies, tools, etc. For rough pocket milling, the ISO norms propose different kind of classical strategies as bidirectional, parallel or spiral contour, etc. This paper describes a new way of toolpath programming by the repetition of a pattern all along a guide curve. It presents several advantages as building fastness and easiness. The integration of pattern strategies in STEP-NC standard is an other step for the development of these strategies but also for the enrichment of STEP-NC possibilities. A complete STEP-NC numerical chain was built, integrating these pattern strategies. The implementation of this approach of building pattern strategies was made by the development of tools for the complete manufacturing cycle, from the CAD file to the machined part. Several application cases were experimented on machine tool to validate this approach and the efficiency of the developped tools.
Physics - Classical Physics