Global Fractional Analytic Perturbation Theory in QCD with Selected Applications

Bakulev, Alexander P.
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We give the generalization of Fractional Analytic Perturbation Theory (FAPT) for QCD observables, recently developed both for the Euclidean and Minkowski regions of squared momentum transfer q^2, which takes into account heavy-quark thresholds. The original analytic approach to QCD, initiated by Jones, Solovtsov and Shirkov, is shortly summarized. We also shortly consider the basic aspects of FAPT and then concentrate on the accounting for the heavy-quark thresholds problem and the construction of global version of FAPT. We discuss what one should use as an analytic coupling in the timelike region q^2=s>0 for the e^{+}e^{-}-annihilation and the pion form factor, and consider applications to phenomenologically relevant processes (the factorizable part of the pion form factor and the Higgs boson decay into a b\bar{b} pair), as well as to the summation of perturbative series.
Comment: 63 pages, 15 figures, in russian (first part of Doktor-Nauk thesis), published in Physics of Particles and Nuclei, typos corrected (English version avalable on request); corrected formulas (3.14b)-(3.14c) and (B9b)
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Theory