Bloch electrons interacting with an external electromagnetic field and Bloch electrons in interaction

Gosselin, Pierre
Mohrbach, Herve
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We apply a general method developed recently for the derivation of the diagonal representation of an arbitrary matrix valued quantum Hamiltonian to the particular case of Bloch electrons in an external electromagnetic field. We find the diagonal representation as a series expansion to the second order in $\hbar .$ This result is the basis for the determination of the effective in-band Hamiltonian of interacting Bloch electrons living in different energy bands. Indeed, the description of effects such as magnetic moment-moment interactions mediated by the magnetic part of the full electromagnetic interaction requires a computation to second order in $\hbar $. It is found that the electronic current is made of two contributions: the first one comes from the velocity and the second one is a magnetic moment current similar to the spin current for Dirac particles. This last contribution is responsible for the interaction between magnetic moments similarly to the spin-spin interaction in the Breit Hamiltonian for Dirac electrons in interaction.
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons, High Energy Physics - Theory