Determination of the b-quark mass and nonperturbative parameters in semileptonic and radiative penguin decays at BABAR

Tackmann, Kerstin
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Knowing the mass of the b-quark is essential to the study of the structure and decays of B mesons as well as to future tests of the Higgs mechanism of mass generation. We present recent preliminary measurements of the b-quark mass and related nonperturbative parameters from moments of kinematic distributions in charmed and charmless semileptonic and radiative penguin B decays. Their determination from charmless semileptonic B decays is the first measurement in this mode. The data were collected by the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric-energy e+e- -collider at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at a center-of-momentum energy of 10.58 GeV.
Comment: Contributed to the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy (Hadron 07), Frascati, Italy, 8-13 Oct 2007. 7pp, 4 figures. v2: Replaced Fig. 3 (b) with correct version
High Energy Physics - Experiment