On the classical equivalence of superstring field theories

Fuchs, Ehud
Kroyter, Michael
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We construct mappings that send solutions of the cubic and non-polynomial open superstring field theories to each other. We prove that the action is invariant under the maps and that gauge orbits are mapped into gauge orbits. It follows that the perturbative spectrum around solutions is the same in both theories. The mappings also preserve the string field reality condition. We generalize to the cases of a non-BPS D-brane and of multi-D-brane systems. We analyze the recently found analytical solutions of the cubic action, both in the BPS sector and the non-BPS sector and show that they span a one parameter family of solutions with empty cohomology and identical action, which suggests that they are gauge equivalent. We write the gauge transformations relating these solutions explicitly. This seems to suggest that open superstring field theory is able to describe a vacuum solution even around a BPS D-brane.
Comment: v2: Action proof revised, discussion improved, typos corrected, conclusions unchanged. 25 pages
High Energy Physics - Theory