Spin-polarized transport through domain wall in magnetized graphene

Khodas, M.
Zaliznyak, I. A.
Kharzeev, D. E.
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Atomically thin two-dimensional layer of honeycomb crystalline carbon known as graphene is a promising system for electronics. It has a point-like Fermi surface, which is very sensitive to external potentials. In particular, Zeeman magnetic field parallel to the graphene layer splits electron bands and creates fully spin-polarized and geometrically congruent circular Fermi surfaces of particle and hole type. In the presence of electric field, particles and holes with opposite spins drift in opposite direction. These phenomena are likely to be of interest for developing graphene-based spintronic devices. A domain wall (DW) separating regions with opposite spin polarizations is a basic element of such a device. Here we consider a ballistic passage of spin-polarized charge carriers through DW in graphene. We also discuss the analogy between the generation of spin currents in graphene and in relativistic quark-gluon plasma, where the spin-polarized current is responsible for the phenomenon of charge separation studied recently at RHIC.
Comment: 10 pages, 6 figures
Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology