Irrationality of motivic series of Chow varieties

Elizondo, E. Javier
Kimura, Shun-Ichi
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The Euler characteristic of all the Chow varieties, of a fixed projective variety, can be collected in a formal power series called the Euler-Chow series. This series coincides with the Hilbert series when the Picard group is a finite generated free abelian group. It is an interesting open problem to find for which varieties this series is rational. A few cases have been computed, and it is suspected that the series is not rational for the blow up of P^2 at nine points in general position. It is very natural to extend this series to Chow motives and ask the question if the series is rational or to find a counterexample. In this short paper we generalized the series and show by an example that the series is not rational. This opens the question of what is the geometrical meaning of the Euler-Chow series.
Comment: 8 pages, ams-latex
Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry, 14