Equation of state dependence of Mach cone like structures in Au+Au collisions

Roy, Victor
Chaudhuri, A. K.
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In jet quenching, a hard QCD parton, before fragmenting into a jet of hadrons, deposits a fraction of its energy in the medium. As the parton moves nearly with speed of light, much greater that the speed of sound of the medium, quenching jet can generate Mach shock wave. We have examined the possibility of Mach shock wave formation due to jet quenching. Assuming that the deposited energy quickly thermalize, we simulate the hydrodynamic evolution of the QGP fluid with a quenching jet and subsequent particle production. Angular distribution of pions, averaged over all the jet trajectories, resembles 'conical flow' due to Mach shock wave formation. However, speed of sound dependence of the simulated Mach angles are at variance with that due to shock wave formation in a static medium or in a medium with finite velocity.
Comment: 7 pages, 9 figures. Revised version to be published in J. Phys. G
Nuclear Theory