The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. I. Description and Initial Validation Tests

Lee, Y. S.
Beers, T. C.
Sivarani, T.
Prieto, C. Allende
Koesterke, L.
Wilhelm, R.
Norris, J. E.
Bailer-Jones, C. A. L.
Fiorentin, P. Re
Rockosi, C. M.
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We describe the development and implementation of the SEGUE (Sloan Extension for Galactic Exploration and Understanding) Stellar Parameter Pipeline (SSPP). The SSPP derives, using multiple techniques, radial velocities and the fundamental stellar atmospheric parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, and metallicity) for AFGK-type stars, based on medium-resolution spectroscopy and $ugriz$ photometry obtained during the course of the original Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-I) and its Galactic extension (SDSS-II/SEGUE). The SSPP also provides spectral classification for a much wider range of stars, including stars with temperatures outside of the window where atmospheric parameters can be estimated with the current approaches. This is Paper I in a series of papers on the SSPP; it provides an overview of the SSPP, and initial tests of its performance using multiple data sets. Random and systematic errors are critically examined for the current version of the SSPP, which has been used for the sixth public data release of the SDSS (DR-6).
Comment: 64 pages, 8 tables, 12 figures, submitted to the Astronomical Journal