Three Dimensional Lattice-Boltzmann Model for Electrodynamics

Mendoza, M.
Muñoz, J. D.
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In this paper we introduce a novel 3D Lattice-Boltzmann model that recovers in the continuous limit the Maxwell equations in materials. In order to build conservation equations with antisymmetric tensors, like the Faraday law, the model assigns four auxiliary vectors to each velocity vector. These auxiliary vectors, when combined with the distribution functions, give the electromagnetic fields. The evolution is driven by the usual BGK collision rule, but with a different form for the equilibrium distribution functions. This LBGK model allows us to consider for both dielectrics and conductors with realistic parameters, and therefore it is adequate to simulate the most diverse electromagnetic problems, like the propagation of electromagnetic waves (both in dielectric media and in waveguides), the skin effect, the radiation pattern of a small dipole antenna and the natural frequencies of a resonant cavity, all with 2% accuracy. Actually, it shows to be one order of magnitude faster than the original FDTD formulation by Yee to reach the same accuracy. It is, therefore, a valuable alternative to simulate electromagnetic fields and opens lattice Boltzmann for a broad spectrum of new applications in electrodynamics. In this paper we develop a 3D Lattice-Boltzmann model that recovers in the continuous limit the Maxwell equations for macroscopic mediums. The model can sucessfully reproduces the propagation of the electromagnetic waves in dielectric mediums and waveguide, the skin effect, the electrical dipole radiation and the electromagnetic response of a resonant cavity.
Comment: Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. E
Condensed Matter - Other Condensed Matter, Physics - Classical Physics