Impact of Customer Satisfaction in National Bank Limited” A study on Shibgonj Branch, Sylhet

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Abdur Rahman (1721010014)
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Leading University
This report has been prepared as a part of BBA program of Leading University, Sylhet. The primary objective of this report is to know Customer Satisfaction of National Bank Limited. This report is supervised both from the organization and university. I have also implemented my theoretical knowledge into the report. Banks play a vital role in the economy of the country. National Bank Limited is one of the prominent banks in Bangladesh. In these years of long journey the bank has achieved trust from people by providing its services. The main motto of the bank is to give best quality and swift service to customers. General banking division is a very important department of a bank. Relationships with customers develop from here. Here I did a survey about customer satisfaction level of NBL. The report also gives an idea of different products offerings and services given by National Bank Limited. This study shows that customer satisfaction is largely depends on the employee’s cooperation, office outlook, service charges, interest rates, bill payment facilities, ATM network quality. On the first chapter of report I have described about the various aspect of the report like a brief Introductory Aspects, origin of the report, objectives, scope, Methodology and limitations of the study. In the second chapter I have discussed about the theoretical framework of the topic. In the third chapter I have discussed about overview of the National Bank Limited and chapter four is the practices the theory of customer satisfaction in NBL, Shibgonj Branch, Sylhet. In chapter fifth shows, the analysis and findings. In the chapter six, I have provided some relevant recommendations in favor of National Bank Limited and also described conclusion of this overall report.