Relationship Between SMASE-Trained Teachers’ Factors and Primary School Pupils’ Mathematics And Science Achievement in Murang’a County, Kenya

Gachahi, Michael W.
Kimani, Gerald N.
Ngaruiya, Boniface
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Academic Research Journals
This study investigated the relationship between SMASE-trained teachers’ factors and pupils’ achievement in Mathematics and Science in primary schools in Murang’a County. Correlational research design was adopted in this study. Stratified random sampling was used to ensure that rural and urban schools in the County were represented. One hundred and nine teachers participated in the study. Four research instruments that included teachers’ questionnaire, a lesson observation guide and two achievement tests, one in Mathematics and the other in Science, were used in the study. Chi square and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were used to test the null hypotheses (α =.05). The study found that SMASE-trained teachers’ gender, teaching experience and level of application of SMASE skills were not significantly related to students’ academic achievement.
SMASE skills, gender, teaching experience, level of application, classroom practices