Design of a robust self-excited biped walking mechanism

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Sangwan, V
Taneja, A
Mukherjee, S
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A self-excited biped walking mechanism consisting of two legs that are connected in a series at the hip joint through a servomotor is studied to determine range of stability. A torque proportional to angle between the shank and the vertical is seen to sustain a gait. Each leg has a thigh and a shank connected at a passive knee joint that has a knee stopper restricting the forward motion like the human knee. While a torque proportional to the angle between the shank and the vertical stabilises, the optimum proportionality constant is to be determined. A mathematical model for the dynamics of the system including the impact equations is used to analyze the stability of the system through examination of phase plane plots. For a specified proportionality constant, the range of physical parameters like leg-length and mass of leg for which the system is stable is determined. Using the stability data, a robust design has been made.
Biped mechanism, Self-excited walking, Feedback, Stability