Efficient modal control strategies for active control of vibrations

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Singh, S P
Pruthi, Harpreet Singh
Agarwal, V P
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Some efficient strategies for the active control of vibrations of a beam structure using piezoelectric materials are described. The control algorithms have been implemented for a cantilever beam model developed using finite element formulation. The vibration response of the beam to an impulse excitation has been calculated numerically for the uncontrolled and the controlled cases. The essence of the method proposed is that a feedback force in different modes be applied according to the vibration amplitude in the respective modes i.e., modes having lesser vibration may receive lesser feedback. This weighting may be done on the basis of either displacement or energy present in different modes. This method is compared with existing methods of modal space control, namely the independent modal space control (IMSC), and modified independent modal space control (MIMSC). The method is in fact an extension of the modified independent space control with the addition that it proposes to use the sum of weighted multiple modal forces for control. The proposed method results in a simpler feedback, which is easy to implement on a controller. The procedure is illustrated for vibration control of a cantilever beam. The analytical results show that the maximum feedback control voltage required in the proposed method is further reduced as compared to existing methods of IMSC and MIMSC for similar vibration control. The limitations of the proposed method are discussed.
piezoelectric, cantilever beam, independent modal space control (IMSC), modified independent modal space control (MIMSC), cantilever beam