Hexatic, Wigner Crystal, and Superfluid Phases of Dipolar Bosons

Mitra, Kaushik
Williams, C. J.
de Melo, C. A. R. Sá
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The finite temperature phase diagram of two-dimensional dipolar bosons versus dipolar interaction strength is discussed. We identify the stable phases as dipolar superfluid (DSF), dipolar Wigner crystal (DWC), dipolar hexatic fluid (DHF), and dipolar normal fluid (DNF). We also show that other interesting phases like dipolar supersolid (DSS) and dipolar hexatic superfluid (DHSF) are at least metastable, and can potentially be reached by thermal quenching. In particular, for large densities or strong dipolar interactions, we find that the DWC exists at low temperatures, but melts into a DHF at higher temperatures, where translational crystaline order is destroyed but orientational order is preserved. Upon further increase in temperature the DHF phase melts into the DNF, where both orientational and translational lattice order are absent. Lastly, we discuss the static structure factor for some of the stable phases and show that they can be identified via optical Bragg scattering measurements.
Condensed Matter - Other Condensed Matter