The flavor-changing single-top quark production in the littlest Higgs model with T parity at the LHC

Wang, Xuelei
Zhang, Yanju
Jin, Huiling
Xi, Yanhui
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The littlest Higgs model with discrete symmetry named "T-parity"(LHT) is an interesting new physics model which does not suffer strong constraints from electroweak precision data. One of the important features of the LHT model is the existence of new source of FC interactions between the SM fermions and the mirror fermions. These FC interactions can make significant loop-level contributions to the couplings $tcV$, and furthermore enhance the cross sections of the FC single-top quark production processes. In this paper, we study some FC single-top quark production processes, $pp\to t\bar{c}$ and $pp\to tV$, at the LHC in the LHT model. We find that the cross sections of these processes are strongly depended on the mirror quark masses. The processes $pp\to t\bar{c}$ and $pp\to tg$ have large cross sections with heavy mirror quarks. The observation of these FC processes at the LHC is certainly the clue of new physics, and further precise measurements of the cross scetions can provide useful information about the free parameters in the LHT model, specially about the mirror quark masses.
Comment: 20 pages, 5 figures
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology