Modelling the incomplete Paschen-Back effect in the spectra of magnetic Ap stars

Stift, M. J.
Leone, F.
Degl'Innocenti, E. Landi
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We present first results of a systematic investigation of the incomplete Paschen-Back effect in magnetic Ap stars. A short overview of the theory is followed by a demonstration of how level splittings and component strengths change with magnetic field strength for some lines of special astrophysical interest. Requirements are set out for a code which allows the calculation of full Stokes spectra in the Paschen-Back regime and the behaviour of Stokes I and V profiles of transitions in the multiplet 74 of FeII is discussed in some detail. It is shown that the incomplete Paschen-Back effect can lead to noticeable line shifts which strongly depend on total multiplet strength, magnetic field strength and field direction. Ghost components (which violate the normal selection rule on J) show up in strong magnetic fields but are probably unobservable. Finally it is shown that measurements of the integrated magnetic field modulus $H_s$ are not adversely affected by the Paschen-Back effect, and that there is a potential problem in (magnetic) Doppler mapping if lines in the Paschen-Back regime are treated in the Zeeman approximation.
Comment: 8 pages, 10 figures, to appear in MNRAS