Scaling and Universality in Models of Step Bunching: The "C+-C-" Model

Tonchev, Vesselin
Ranguelov, Bogdan
Omi, Hiroo
Pimpinelli, Alberto
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We study further the recently introduced [Ranguelov et al., Comptes Rendus de l'Acad. Bulg. des Sci. 60, 4 (2007) 389] "C+-C-" model of step flow crystal growth over wide range of model parameters. The basic assumption of the model is that the reference ("equilibrium") densities used to compute the supersaturation might be different on either side of a step. We obtain the condition for linear stability of the whole step train in the form CL/CR>1 (L/R stands for left/right in a descending from left to right step train). Further we integrate numerically the equations of step motion to monitor the bunching process in the long times limit. Thus we obtain the exact size- and time- scaling of the step bunches including the numerical prefactors. We show that in a broad range of parameters the morphology is characterized with appearance of the minimal interstep distance in the bunch in the beginning of the bunches (at the trailing edge of the bunch) and may be described by a single universality class, different from those already generated by continuum theories [Krug et al., PRB 71, 045412].
Comment: 18 pages, 9 figures
Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics