A Comparison between 1.5$\mu$m Photoluminescence from Er-Doped Si-Rich Sio2 Films and (Er,Ge) Co-Doped Sio2 Films

Mayandi, J.
Finstad, T. G.
Heng, C. L.
Li, Y. J.
Thogersen., A.
Foss, S.
Klette, H.
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We have studied the 1.5 $\mu$m photoluminescence (PL) from Er ions after annealing two different sample sets in the temperature range 500 °C to 1100 °C. The different sample sets were made by magnetron sputtering from composite targets of Si+SiO2+Er and Ge+SiO2+Er respectively for the different sample sets. The annealing induces Si - and Ge-nanoclusters respectively in the different film sets. The PL peak reaches its maximum intensity after annealing at 700 °C for samples with Ge nanoclusters and after annealing at 800 °C for samples with Si. No luminescence from nanoclusters was detected in neither sample sets. This is interpreted as an energy transfer from the nanocluster to Er atoms. Transmission electron microscopy shows that after annealing to the respective temperature yielding the maximum PL intensity both the Ge and Si clusters are non-crystalline. Here we mainly compare the spectral shape of Er luminescence emitted in these different nanostructured matrixes. The PL spectral shapes are clearly different and witness a different local environment for the Er ions.
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Condensed Matter - Materials Science