The NAO humanoid: a combination of performance and affordability

Gouaillier, David
Hugel, Vincent
Blazevic, Pierre
Kilner, Chris
Monceaux, Jerome
Lafourcade, Pascal
Marnier, Brice
Serre, Julien
Maisonnier, Bruno
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This article presents the design of the autonomous humanoid robot called NAO that is built by the French company Aldebaran-Robotics. With its height of 0.57 m and its weight about 4.5 kg, this innovative robot is lightweight and compact. It distinguishes itself from its existing Japanese, American, and other counterparts thanks to its pelvis kinematics design, its proprietary actuation system based on brush DC motors, its electronic, computer and distributed software architectures. This robot has been designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality and performance. It is an open and easy-to-handle platform where the user can change all the embedded system software or just add some applications to make the robot adopt specific behaviours. The robot's head and forearms are modular and can be changed to promote further evolution. The comprehensive and functional design is one of the reasons that helped select NAO to replace the AIBO quadrupeds in the 2008 RoboCup standard league.
Comment: This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s) for revision
Computer Science - Robotics