On massive spin 2 electromagnetic interactions

Zinoviev, Yu. M.
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In this paper we investigate electromagnetic interactions for massive spin 2 particles in (A)dS space at linear approximation using gauge invariant description for such massive particles. We follow bottom-up approach, i.e. we begin with the introduction of minimal interaction and then proceed by adding non-minimal interactions with higher and higher number of derivatives together with corresponding non-minimal corrections to gauge transformations until we are able to restore gauge invariance broken by transition to gauge covariant derivatives. We manage to construct a model that smoothly interpolates between massless particle in (A)dS space and massive one in a flat Minkowski space. Also we reproduce the same results in a frame-like formalism which can be more suitable for generalizations on higher spins.
Comment: 24 pages, no figures. Clarifications and references added. Version to appear in Nucl. Phys. B
High Energy Physics - Theory